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We are pleased to announce our ticket prices for the 2013/14 ASB Premiership. Five home games will be played in Hamilton, one in Rotorua and one in Tauranga.

Season Pass $40. 

Single Game Adult $10.

Single Game Student & Pensioners $5.

Single Game Children free.

Visit our Ticket page.

Membership Packages

We also offer two membership packages for the season: the WaiBOP United Young Footballers Club and the WaiBOP United Senior Membership.

You can visit our Membership page to find out more about these packages and to sign up for them.

WaiBOP United Communications Manager, Dwayne Barlow, says the franchise has deliberately kept the prices low. “We want to build a following for the team as well as provide good value for our fans,” says Barlow. “Pete (Smith, WaiBOP United Head Coach) has the job of ensuring the value on the field is high, while these prices for the tickets and membership packages will hopefully entice people along to watch the side and help build a quality atmosphere on the sideline.”

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