» WaiBOP United Kit Tour: Stop 20 – Okoroire

After tumbling back down the side of the Kaimais and heading slightly inland, we come across the small little settlement of Okoroire. Actually, it’s less like a settlement and more like a pub and a nine hole golf course set in some of the best farmland in New Zealand.

But it’s not just any pub this one. The Okoroire Hot Springs Hotel has stood on the banks of the Waihou River for well over a century and it’s still going strong. You can have a pint, a soak and a bash on the golf course all at the one location.

What better place to relax at as we prepare for the final stretch of our tour of the Waikato and Bay of Plenty regions? We have only a few more stops to make before arriving in Hamilton on Tuesday September 24, which is the first day of pre-season training for the WaiBOP United squad.

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