» WaiBOP United Kit Tour: Stop 10 – Rotorua

As the crow flies Rotorua is not actually that far from Tokoroa, but as the car drives it’s quite a bit further.

It’s a decent drive, however; looping round and heading up and over the Mamaku Range, before descending towards Lake Rotorua. Rotorua has many and varied potential scenic spots and stops, but probably the most iconic is that which you’re likely to see on many a post card – the Mediterranean-style Bath House at Government Gardens.

Marko fancied pulling out a football and having a kick about on the greens in front of the building, but his handler thought better of it. So we moved on. To where, you wonder?

Rotorua will host the first match of WaiBOP United’s 2013/14 ASB Premiership campaign. The match is set for Sunday November 10 and will be preceded by the National Women’s League encounter between WaiBOP Football and Mainland Football.

Rotorua is home to Rotorua United and Ngongotaha AFC, along with a range of junior clubs and teams.

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