» WaiBOP kit launch and tour

As part of the extended season lead-in for WaiBOP United, we will be launching our 2013/14 ASB Premiership home kit this weekend. On Saturday August 31 the kit will be revealed for all to see (and hopefully salivate about). From Sunday September 1, we hit the road as the kit takes a trip around our region.

We’ve enlisted a special individual to help us present the kit and then take it on this tour of the entire region. Yes, the entire region, starting at the Bombays then heading as far south as Waitomo and Taupo, out east to Whakatane, up north to Mercury Bay and then ending up in Hamilton just in time for the squad’s first training session of the season.

We’ll be stopping off at a variety of iconic and interesting locations along the way so that you can get a feel for the different communities that make up the Waikato and Bay of Plenty regions.

All we’ll say at this stage is that our helper’s name is Marko and he will be revealed slowly over the next few days. A clue as to his identity is in the picture above.

Stay tuned!

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