» Hello Marko

This is Marko the mannequin. He will be helping us launch the WaiBOP United home kit for the 2013/14 ASB Premiership season then taking it on tour.

Standing at 189cm, Marko is a fine specimen of a fake man. The early part of his career took place in Asia, where he came off the Chinese talent production assembly line. Tall, strong and confident, he possesses all the physical attributes of the modern footballer, apart from the fact he’s not actually real. This makes him perfect for the task of launching our new kit and taking it on a tour of the Waikato and Bay of Plenty regions.

WaiBOP United communications manager, Dwayne Barlow, who worked with Marko on this project, could not speak highly enough of his attitude. “Marko is the consummate pro,” says Barlow. “We covered a lot of miles taking photos and movies for the kit tour and it was tough, time consuming work. But I didn’t hear a single word of complaint during the entire trip. He struck the perfect pose at every location and sat quietly in the back of the car between stops. Marko was a pleasure to work with.”

If you call back to the website tomorrow you will be able to see our kit launch, which includes several photos showcasing the home kit, then on Sunday look out for Marko’s first port of call on his tour of the region.

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