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Enzo Giordani from In-The-Back-Of-The.Net recently caught up with WaiBOP United Head Coach, Peter Smith. They had a lot to talk about.

Here’s the interview:

When the coaching appointment for the WaiBOP United ASB Premiership franchise was announced, it caused something of a stir. Many thought it odd that the job had been given to a relatively unheralded Scotsman, especially given that Wanderers coach Mark Cossey had done such a wonderful job of salvaging Waikato FC’s season last term, putting him at the forefront of people’s minds as deserving of another shot at the national league. But when the Waikato/Bay of Plenty Football Federation took over the region’s team for this upcoming season, they were determined that they were going to do things a little differently. In a bid to avoid the failures of the past, they saw it as important that the coaching team not be seen as biased towards one of the big Northern League clubs in the area, so they went for a candidate who had no affiliation to either of them.

Peter Smith is the man entrusted with the future of Waikato and Bay of Plenty football at the highest level, and since his appointment he has already silenced plenty of doubters with some exciting, head turning signings that should ensure a competitive season ahead for the long suffering fans in the WaiBOP region. I spoke to him last week, in order to get a  better sense of his background, his thoughts on the state of WaiBOP football in general, and of what his plans for the season ahead might be….

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