Auckland City vs WaiBOP United – January 25, 2015 –


January 25, 2015Score: 3 – 2

Match Report

Full Time: Auckland City 3-2 WaiBOP United.

90 + 4′ – And there goes the final whistle.

90 + 3′ – RED CARD: Pete Smith is sent from the technical area.

90 + 2′ – YELLOW CARD: Aaron Scott goes in the book this time. Huh?

90 + 2′ – SUB: Lindsay on for Browne.

90 + 1′ – YELLOW CARD: Reid Drake booked for a foul on Williams.

90′ – 3 minutes of added time.

88′ – We press with purpose but ACFC defend with more.

85′ – De Vries threatens again… but we get it clear.

84′ – Is there any energy in the tank for another grandstand finish?

81′ – SUBS: Varela on for Molony and McGeorge on for Burfoot.

78′ – GOAL: Marquez with that magical left foot. Game on perhaps?

76′ – SUB: Reid Drake on for Jones… who’s run his socks and boots off today.

75′ – Hot stuff at Kiwitea Street today. And that’s just the weather.

75′ – SUB: White on for Tavano for ACFC.

74′ – Molony with the chance… but it flies out of the building.

72′ – De Vries through again, but Drake off his line to clear the danger.

71′ – De Vries winds his way forward and lays off to Browne… who shoots over.

69′ – Jones in on goal but shot saved by Williams.

68′ – Drake saves from Browne. Top effort from both players that.

65′ – Browne tidy on the ball, but closed down by some resolute defending.

64′ – Coombes clips it over for Molony…but it’s too deep and out for a goal kick.

63′ – Irving heads wide from a Payne free kick.

62′ – YELLOW CARD: Jones goes in the book of referee Rowbury after a foul on Payne.

61′ – SUB: Elia on for Greenhalgh.

58′ – GOAL: Another free kick to ACFC…and another headed goal to Dordevic.

56′ – Tidy play from ACFC but we win the ball and counter…only for Williams to save.

54′ – Marquez through… but up goes the flag.

53′ – Chance for Young… but over it goes.

52′ – Neil gets to the byline and crosses…but saved by Williams.

51′ – We win a free kick on halfway, but it comes to nothing.

50′- No let up from ACFC. Stay strong lads.

46′ – Back underway. We’re attacking the fence.

Everyone’s back on the field. Pete Smith’s gone a long way to earning his huge salary. 45 minutes to go.

Half time: Auckland City 2-1 WaiBOP United

45 + 1′ – GOAL: Dordevic heads home from a free kick. That couldn’t have come at a worse time…

45′ – YELLOW CARD: Coombes goes in the book.

45′ – Jones is fouled for a free kick. But it comes to nothing.

40′ – We clear, but only to De Vries. Drake saves.

39′ – Coombes looking for Jones… but finds Berlanga.

38′ – Iwata fouled on the edge of the box. Payne shoots straight at Drake.

36′ – Browne shot is blocked for an ACFC corner.

33′ – Burfoot volley from an O’Regan clearance is up and well, well over.

32′ – Bilen fouled by Jones. Payne shoots, Dordevic header… top save by Drake. ACFC far from finished here.

30′ – Hectic first half hour, but we have our foot-hold.

28′ – GOAL: Mark Jones gets his second in two games. Tidy finish on the counter.

26′ – Payne fouls Molony to win a free kick. O’Regan out jumps Iwata but the header’s wide.

25′ – Auckland playing some really good stuff today. They win another free kick.

23′ – Coombes knocks it through to Marquez, who is stopped by Dordevic.

22′ – Burfoot volleys wide. Nice touch in the lead-up.

21′ – Drake saves comfortably from Payne.

20′ – Marquez releases Jones down the left for our best chance of the game… but no goal.

19′ – We press forward but Marquez gets a bit tangled with the ball.

17′ – Browne with a chance for the hosts, but his shot is deflected over for a corner. Easily claimed by Drake.

15′ – We win a free kick as Molony is bundled over. O’Regan shoots wide.

15′ – O’Regan across to cut out the cross from De Vries.

12′ – We get to play with the ball for a bit.

11′ – YELLOW CARD: O’Regan goes into the refs notebook.

9′ – Drake saves from Browne.

7′ – Auckland City still pressing. Tough start for the lads today. Hold tight…

5′ – GOAL: Sam Burfoot fires home for Auckland City. Drake had no chance.

4′ – Auckland City starting strong. Most of the ball so far. We’re getting our tackles in though.

1′ – De Vries fires wide early…

0′ – we’re underway. WaiBOP to attack the clubrooms first.

2 minutes until kick-off – captains tossing…

5 minutes until kick-off – subs are out. Teams to follow imminently.

10 minutes until kick-off – another superb summer’s day. Spectacular… if you’re a fan. Sweaty… if you’re a player.

13 minutes until kick-off – okay, finally made it back to the laptop from the bar. Here are the line-ups:

Auckland City: WIilliams, Dordevic, Iwata, Bilen, Berlanga, Irving, PAayne, DEe Vries, BUurforr, BRrowne, Tavano. Subs: Spoonley, Lindsay, WHhite, McGeorge, Phoa.

WaiBOP United: D. Drake, Neil, Scott, O’Regan, T. Probert, Jones, Greenhalgh, Coombes, Molony, Young, Marquez. Subs: McPeake, Elias, Kinney, R. Drake, Varela.


3. Aaron Scott
4. Robbie Greenhalgh
5. Sam O’Regan Yellow Card
7. Mark Jones GoalYellow Card
8. Chad Coombes
10. Federico Marquez Goal
14. Fergus Neil
19. Wade Molony
20. Danyon Drake
23. Tom Probert
24. Jarrod Young


11. Van Elia Sub4
17. Reid Drake Sub7
18. Alexis Varela Sub19