WaiBOP United vs Canterbury United – January 17, 2015 –


January 17, 2015Score: 4 – 3

Match Report

Full time: WaiBOP United 4-3 Canterbury United

Official attendance: 547. Thank you Cambridge and the volunteer army. See you in two weeks.

90 + 3′ – And there’s the final whistle. YES!

90 + 2′ – Elia in again…only Highfield to beat…who saves with his feet.

90 + 1′ – Elia in, drills it…another top save from Highfield. That’s his third this half.

90′ – GOOOOOOAAAALLLL: Neil played in and rolls home his second. 4-3.

89′ – Marquez to Drake to Marquez in the box… shots zips wide.

87′ – Elia played in, but scuffs his shot.

86′ – Kelly clear down the right…but sends his shot over.

85′ – Neil drills his clearance into Clapham’s head. Throw in. To Canterbury. Riiiight.

81′ – GOAL: Jones rifles it home after good work in the box by R Drake.

79′ – SUB: R. Drake on for Young.

78′ – Elia in space on the edge of the box… and shoots wide.

77′ – YELLOW CARD: Nkoy in the book.

76′ – Melee from the corner… Jones shoots, then Greenhalgh, then clear.

76′ – Molony heads it to himself… crosses deep to Elia… ball out for a corner.

72′ – YELLOW CARD + SUB: D Schwarz upends Jones. That was kinda coming… and he’s subbed. Jones on.

70′ – Young drives it from 25 yards. Strong save by Highfield.

68′ – GOAL: Clapham drives it home. WaiBOP United 2-3 Canterbury United.

67′ – Dickenson drives into the box, heads wide and is clipped. O’Regan? Penalty.

65′ – SUB: Nkoy on for John for Canterbury.

64′ – GOAL: Neil rolls it home after a cross from Jones is headed on by Marquez. WaiBOP United 2-2 Canterbury United.

60′ – SUB: Elia on for Varela.

59′ – Dan Terris heads a corner goalwards… off the line by Varela.

57′ – SUB: Dickinson on for Wellbourn for Canterbury.

56′ – Jones crosses, Marquez heads powerfully down and Highfield get a hand to it. Top, top save.

55′ – D Schwarz clatters into Greenhalgh just outside the box. Free kick cleared.

52′ – Marquez shoots from distance. Under-hit and comfortably saved by Highfield.

48′ – GOAL: Canterbury in… and Wellbourn slots it home.

47′ – Drake out to clear but straight to a man in white who lobs it into the side netting. Let off.

46′ – GOAL: Jones drives forward, wide to Molony who bends it in. WaiBOP United 1-1 Canterbury United.

46′ – We get the second half underway. Marquez to Young.

Half time: WaiBOP United 0-1 Canterbury United.

45′ – One minute to be added.

43′ – Collett drives forward, clipped 30 yards out… nothing again.

41′ – Marquez scoots down the left…cross cleared.

39′ – What’s that wet stuff? Rain?!

36′ – We drive forward, Young is clipped on the edge of the box… nothing. Huh?

35′ – GOAL: cheap giveaway to Clapham, he drives forward, beats unmolested and clips it home. WaiBOP United 0-1 Canterbury United.

29′ – ‘You have it.’ ‘No, you have it…’ between Scott, Clapham and Varela on the edge of our box.

27′ – Canterbury clear down the right. Cross ends up at Clapham’s feet. His deflected shot claimed by Drake.

25′ – YELLOW CARD: Collett in late on Neil. Free kick played in and headed over.

24′ – Long ball from T Schwarz. Overcooked. Claimed by Drake.

20′ – Greenhalgh bring Clapham down 30 yards out. Quick free kick nearly catches us out. Cleared for a throw.

18′ – Scott lobs in a free kick… easily claimed by Highfield.

13′ – Jones cut down by Collett. Ouch.

12′ – Neil goes straight though the middle. Shot smothered.

9′ – Long from O’Regan to Marquez, inside to Young, wide to Jones, tackled clear.

7′ – Molony shoots…corner. Comes to nowt.

6′ – Young, to Jones, to Neil…corner. Jones hits the cross bar from the corner. Cleared for another corner.

5′ – Peers forward with purpose but tackled strongly by O’Regan.

3′ – Terris bombs it long…and just about kills a kid in the crowd.

2′ – Cross from John…cleared by O’Regan. Canterbury pressing.

0′ – Canterbury get us underway.

1 minute until kick-off.

13 minutes until kick-off – time for a pre-commentary sandwich (Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato and Egg if you must know) then we’re into it.

28 minutes until kick-off – here are today’s line-ups:

WaiBOP United: D. Drake, Neil, Scott, O’Regan, T. Probert, Jones, Greenhalgh, Varela, Molony, J. Young, Marquez. Subs: McPeake, Rogers, Elia, Kinney, R. Drake.

Canterbury United: Highfield, Terris, Collett, T. Schwarz, Peers, John, Clapham, D. Schwarz, Boss, Wellbourn, Kelly. Subs: Nkoy, Dickinson, Jones, Mitchell, Spain.

44 minutes until kick-off – line-ups online soon…

62 minutes until kick-off – and there’s the sun again. Another scorcher on the cards here today.

70 minutes until kick-off – Canterbury players out inspecting the pitch: “Thank goodness for that breeze…”


3. Aaron Scott
4. Robbie Greenhalgh
5. Sam O’Regan
7. Mark Jones GoalAssist
10. Federico Marquez Assist
14. Fergus Neil GoalGoal
17. Reid Drake
18. Alexis Varela
19. Wade Molony Goal
20. Danyon Drake
23. Tom Probert
24. Jarrod Young


11. Van Elia Sub18
17. Reid Drake AssistSub24