WaiBOP United vs Hawkes Bay United – December 20, 2014 –


December 20, 2014Score: 2 – 4

Match Report

Full time: WaiBOP United 2-4 Hawke’s Bay United.

Official attendance: 312. Thank you Rotorua.

93′ – And that’s it. Flap, flap, flap go all the plastic seats as the fans get up to leave.

90′ – 3 minutes to be added on. And the rest please…

89′ – The 4th Official wears one from close range as this one winds down.

84′ – SUB: Palezevich off for Scott for the visitors.

79′ – SUBS: so we’ll have some subs. Young and Probert on for O’Regan and Varela. Morgan on for Lekaj for HB.

79′ – Lekaj twists in on himself in our box so we’ll have another injury break.

75′ – GOAL: Tinsley rolls is home after HB open us up.

73′ – SUB: Molony on for Hughes.

72′ – GOAL: Lovemore squeezes it home.

65′ – Marquez mazy in the box… GO DOWN FREDDY!… he stays on his feet.

61′ – HB corner…cleared…fired wide.

60′ – Hawke’s Bay in on goal. Only Drake to beat… Drake won’t be beaten this time.

58′ – RED CARD: Wylie goes in on Barbero.

57′ – GOAL: Coombes fires home after Marquez then Hughes do all the running. 2-2

55′ – We win a corner…cleared to Varela who can’t quite get it down. Smuggled clear.

53′ – Jones fires juuuuuust wide.

52′ – YELLOW CARD: O’Regan in the book after taking Lovemore down.

51′ – Frantic start to the 2nd half. End to end… need some quality.

47′ – YELLOW CARD: Ryan Tinsley in the book for a dive. 5/10 for that one.

46′ – The visitors get us underway for the second half.

Half time: WaiBOP United 1-2 Hawke’s Bay United.

45 + 1′ – Hughes down the left…cleared…then Greenhalgh fires well over. Half time whistle goes.

45′ – One minute of added time.

43′ – And now it’s all happening. In our box unfortunately.

41′- GOAL: O’Regan mugged by Barbero who squares it to Lovemore to slide home. WaiBOP United 1-2 Hawke’s Bay United.

39′ – The last ten minutes have been a bit of a muddle. From all three teams on the pitch.

29′ – GOAL: Hawke’s Bay win a corner. Superb knock by Lekas and Haviland heads home. 1-1.

28′ – YELLOW CARD: Haviland off the ball for Hawke’s Bay. Nothing comes from the free kick.

27′ – Top ball in by Hawke’s Bay…Barbero can’t miss…Drake takes it off his toes.

26′ – Hawke’s Bay pressing. Cross whipped in and Tinsley heads well over.

21′ – Neil crunched on the touchline. Flag and whistle eventually…

19′ – We give away a free-kick on the edge of the D. D for dangerous…? Nope. Tinsley fires over.

18′ – O’Regan with a top tackle in the box. Had to be clean with that.

17′ – Wylie with the cross from the left. Marquez gets no purchase on his header.

14′ – GOAL: We’ll have one of those instead! Wylie bends home the free-kick. WaiBOP United 1-0 Hawke’s Bay United.

13′ – Milne through the back of Marquez on the edge of the area. No booking…?

7′ – Jones taken down again. Big bullseye on his back today…

5′ – Jones taken down…wait for it… whistle. Free kick. Baxter in the HB goal (just) punches clear.

2′ – We win a free kick out wide. Coombes with two goes at it but HB eventually clear.

1′ – Giveaway from Scott to Lovemore who bursts forward…but is smothered.

0′ – Peeeeep! We get the match underway.

5 minutes to kick-off – and here come the teams.

10 minutes to kick-off – the $10 question here is… ‘Is it going to rain…?’ I’m taking an each-way bet at the minute.

20 minutes to kick-off – here are the line-ups:

WaiBOP United: D Drake, Neil, Scott (c), O’Regan, Wylie, Jones, Hughes, Greenhalgh, Varela, Coombes, Marquez. Subs: McPeake, R Drake, Molony, T Probert, Young.

Hawke’s Bay United: Baxter, Randle, Haviland, Milne, Tinsley, Palazavic, Lovemore, Lekas, Barcia, Barbero, Morton. Subs: Birnie, Mimaki, Scott, Morgan, Stockhill.


3. Aaron Scott
4. Robbie Greenhalgh
5. Sam O’Regan Yellow Card
7. Mark Jones
8. Chad Coombes Goal
10. Federico Marquez
14. Fergus Neil
18. Alexis Varela
20. Danyon Drake
21. Jerahl Hughes
22. Craig Wylie GoalRed Card


19. Wade Molony Sub21
23. Tom Probert Sub5
24. Jarrod Young Sub18