Wellington Phoenix vs WaiBOP United – December 13, 2014 –


December 13, 2014Score: 0 – 2

Match Report

Full time: Wellington Phoenix 0-2 WaiBOP United.

90 + 3′ – Clock’s winding down and there’s the final whistle.

90′ – There will be 3 minutes of added time.

90′ – Jones gets a cross in from nothing. Wooshes past Young’s forehead.

88′ – SUB: R. Drake on for Marquez. Top shift today for Freddy.

87′ – We win a free kick, Molony fouled. Looking to keep hold of it now.

86′ – Tidy move by the Phoenix, but we block and play our way out.

85′ – SUB: Bazoukis on for Ridenton for the Phoenix.

82′ – Well into the final ten minutes. Young off-side after some neat work.

79′ – Marquez drives it in…cleared for a corner. Sail punches clear. Just.

78′ – Phoenix in the box…looking threatening…but cleared again.

76′ – Molony in the box…taken down…no pen?! Out to Coombes who drives wide. Takes a touch. Corner.

75′ – SUB: Wilson on for Doyle for the Phoenix.

73′ – SUB: Molony on for Hughes.

73′ – YELLOW CARD: O’Regan booked for absolutely nothing. Watch the replay.

71′ – Phoenix in and around the box…but cleared.

70′ – Pass…pass…pass…to Marquez who bends it on to the top of the net.

69′ – Phoenix with 3 v 2 at the back, but the Sweeper-Keeper comes to the rescue again.

66′ – SUB: Young on for Greenhalgh after a free kick given to the Phoenix. Late whistle. Not sure what for. Drake saves comfortably from Doyle.

63′ – O’Regan hammers the free kick in but well saved by Sail in the Phoenix goal.

62′ – Everyone’s in a muddle outside the box…result? Doyle handles the ball in a great spot for us.

60′ – Jones strong again down the right to win the corner. Wylie bends in in…but cleared. Phoenix eventually get a free kick just outside their box.

58′ – YELLOW CARD: Varela and Ridenton slide in on each other. Ridenton comes out worse so Alexis goes in the book…

56′ – Ball bouncing around outside the Phoenix box…Coombes and Hughes threatening…but Phoenix clear.

54′ – Phoenix get the ball in the box but cleared comfortably.

52′ – Coombes played in…Dimiaro and him pulling each other’s shirts…as often happens the attacker is penalised.

51′ – Corner for the Phoenix. Drake punches clear.

50′ – Hughes again in down the left…scuffs the cross wide under pressure.

48′ – Hughes to Coombes to Jones who stretches for the toe-poke. Saved.

47′ – Drake forward to Neil, who’s bombing forward…cuts into the box…ball smuggled out for a goal kick.

46′ – We get the 2nd half underway. Marquez to Coombes.

Half time: Wellington Phoenix 0-2 WaiBOP United

45′ – 4th Official signals one minute of added time.

44′ – Corner…save from Marquez…follow up onto the cross bar. How did that stay out?

43′ – Coombes on the end of a great move…shot canon’s into Brindell-South and over.

40′ – Doyle caught on the follow through by Varela. Good tackle, but Doyle’s down for treatment.

39′ – We press around the area…Jones chopped but no free kick. Odd call that one.

37′ – Hughes cut down by Gulley. Nothing comes from the free kick.

36′ – Ridenton fires one in, and over, from range.

34 ‘ – Neil into the box…takes aim on his left…Italiano stops it but almost drops it to Marquez’ toes.

33′ – Danyon Drake, keeper sweeper. Drake’s headed clearance outside the box knocks the ball to safety.

30′ – Phoenix bouncing it around just outside the box. But we clear.

26′ – Jones killing Brindell-South…cross comes in…just in front of Marquez.

25′ – GOAL: Marquez taps in in from two yards after great work down the right by Mark Jones. Phoenix 0-2 WaiBOP United.

23′ – We’re defending well so far. Nice and compact. And countering well.

18′ – GOAL: Marquez played in, turns on to his right foot, curls it over Italiano. Phoenix 0-1 WaiBOP United.

17′ – Neil takes it down, skips forward, onto his left…shot goes wide from just outside the box.

14′ – Free kick comes in from Doyle. Drake takes it in the bread basket.

13′ – Wylie forward from left back…the shot goes in from distance. Saved comfortably.

10′ – Jones through on the right, in the box, nipped but gets the shot away. Saved.

8′ – We’re swarming all over them at the moment. Need to polish the final delivery, though.

5′ – Marquez driving forward…but the pass is overhit.

4′ – Coombes in down the right… delays the cross then over the bar by Hughes.

2′ – Mix up in the Phoenix area, but we can’t quite get it down. Close.

0′ – The Phoenix, the ‘home’ side, get us underway.

3 minutes until kick-off – Right, here come the sides. Business time.

5 minutes until kick-off – The pitch looks half decent, by the way…

15 minutes until kick-off – A bit overcast here. Hope the rain holds off. At least until the end of this game.

25 minutes until kick-off – Here are today’s line-ups:

Wellington Phoenix: Italiano, Blake, Dimairo, Ridenton, Pratt, Gulley, Brindell-South, McGarry, Luke-Miny, Bell, Doyle. Subs: Sail, Boyzoukis, Wilson.

WaiBOP United: 20-Danyon Drake, 14-Fergus Neil, 3-Aaron Scott, 5-Sam O’Regan, 22-Craig Wylie, 4-Robbie Greenhalgh, 18-Alexis Varela, 7-Mark Jones, 8-Chad Coombes, 21-Jerahl Hughes, 10-Federico Marquez. Subs: 1-James McPeake, 17-Reid Drake, 19-Wade Molony, 23-Tom Probert, 24-Jarrod Young.

50 minutes until kick-off – 50,000 seats have turned up to watch today.


3. Aaron Scott
4. Robbie Greenhalgh
5. Sam O’Regan
7. Mark Jones
8. Chad Coombes
10. Federico Marquez GoalGoal
14. Fergus Neil
18. Alexis Varela
20. Danyon Drake
21. Jerahl Hughes
22. Craig Wylie


17. Reid Drake Sub10
19. Wade Molony Sub21
24. Jarrod Young Sub4