WaiBOP United vs Waitakere United – December 6, 2014 –


December 6, 2014Score: 1 – 1

Match Report

Full time: WaiBOP United 1-1 Waitakere United.

Official attendance: 453. Thank you Tauranga. Rotorua – we’ll see you in a fortnight.

90 + 5′ – There goes the final whistle. We should have had more but could have had less. But yay, our ‘first’ point…

90 + 4′ – Boyens clatters Marquez. Again. Free kick this time, at least, but no card.

90 + 3′ – Marquez clattered…play on (?!)…to Hughes in front of goal…off-side.

90 + 1′ – Drake comes out to punch clear…and claims Neil in the process. Wooosh goes the wind.

90′ – 4th official indicates we’ll have five more minutes.

88′ – Free kick to Waitakere…teasing…drops for Solomons who scoops it over.

86′ – Young to Marquez who booms into the box…his shots scrapes across the cross bar and away.

83′ – O’Regan clears for Coombes…drives forward…to Drake, then onto Marquez…who jumps over the late challenge. That’s when you take it and go down for the pen!

79′ – Hughes shoots…Carr with a blinding save. Corner.

78′ – SUB: Mark Jones makes way for Reid Drake.

77′ – Dickinson rises…heads down…top save by Drake.

76′ – GOAL: Alexis Varela bends it in. Get in there! Varela then runs to the near touch line to hug lino, Ben Norman. Haven’t seen that before.

75′ – Wylie through to Coombes…who’s eventually taken down by Solomons. No yellow card? Huh?

72′ – YELLOW CARD: O’Regan goes in the book. Something he said?

71′ – A Coombes corner screams across the face of goal…and out for a Waitakere throw.

68′ – Boyens through the back of Coombes…to win the free kick. A little odd that one.

66′ – A failed clearance falls to Biss on the edge of the box…who skies his shot.

65′ – SUB: Robbie Greenhalgh makes way for Jarrod Young (another ex-Waitakere player).

63′ – The ref’s whistle is getting louder and louder. This one’s boiling up…

61′ – YELLOW CARD: Coombes brings down Harding near the touchline.

60′ – We force another corner but Waitakere hack it clear.

58′ – Long ball from Solomons…Dickinson takes it down and turns…but it rolls safely to Drake.

55′ – Waitakere force a corner…expertly taken…Neil clears off the line.

53′ – Solomons drills Greenhalgh in the back. Promising possie for a free kick. Marquez sends it over the bar.

52′ – YELLOW CARDS: two in quick succession to Waitakere’s Dickinson and Bale.

50′ – Coombes drifts in a free kick, spilled by Carr but cleared off the line again (by Boyens?).

49′ – Scott’s back on. No damage done.

47′ – Aaron Scott is down holding his shoulder. Helped off by Hamish the physio.

46′ – SUB: Dickinson on for Mosquera at the break. Waitakere get the 2nd half underway.

Half time: WaiBOP United 0-1 Waitakere United.

45 + 2 – Varela is fouled…then the whistle goes for half time.

45 + 1′ – YELLOW CARD: Harding in the book for time wasting.

45′ – 4th official says we’ll have two minutes of added time.

43′ – Marquez in down the left…shoots…Solomons again with the block.

42′ – Coombes to Hughes, who cuts in from the left but scuffs his shot. Carr still at full stretch to save.

40′ – Great ball in by Scott…Carr at full stretch to clear. Hughes shut down on the rebound.

37′ – Straight back up the other end. Drive by Marquez…Solomons deflects it out for a corner. That was going in. Top stop.

36′ – GOAL: Another top save by Drake, but the rebound falls to Biss who rolls it home. WaiBOP United 0-1 Waitakere United.

35′ – Two opportunities in quick succession. We have a shot scrambled clear for a corner then Boyens clears the resulting Marquez corner off the line.

33′ – Top reflex save by Drake, but the flag’s up for off-side. He wouldn’t have known though.

31′ – Jones, to Hughes, to Marquez in the Waitakere box… scrambled clear.

30′ – Half an hour gone and it’s a tight one here at Links Ave. Is something gonna give?

25′ – Hughes wriggles clear down the right…inside to Marquez who drills it from the edge of the box. Well held by Carr.

24′ – Waitakere with their third free kick in front of the dug outs. Lumped in again…gathered comfortably by Drake.

21′ – Neil forces a corner. Marquez delivers and well taken by Carr in the Waitakere goal.

19′ – Free kick lumped into our box but Solomons fouls the unidentified defender.

16′ – YELLOW CARD: Mosquera in late on Wylie.

14′ – We win a corner. Marquez drills it in and Solomon clears.

8′ – It’s sparking up now. Good stuff.

7′ – Boyens hits the upright from a free-kick. Ooohhhh. Close.

4′- Cagey start. Nothing much in front of goal yet.

0′ – We get the match underway. Marquez to Coombes.

2 minutes until kick-off – The teams are on the field. Let’s get stuck in lads.

10 minutes until kick-off – It’s hot. Damn hot. And it will only get hotter once we kick this one off…

26 minutes until kick-off – Here are today’s line-ups:

WaiBOP United: 20-Danyon Drake, 14-Fergus Neil, 3-Aaron Scott, 5-Sam O’Regan, 22-Craig Wylie, 4-Robbie Greenhalgh, 18-Alexis Varela, 7-Mark Jones, 8-Chad Coombes, 21-Jerahl Hughes, 10-Federico Marquez. Subs: 1-James McPeake, 16-Scott Hilliar, 17-Reid Drake, 23-Tom Probert, 24-Jarrod Young.

Waitakere United: 22-Alex Carr, 2-Sean Harding, 3-Alec Solomons, 8-Chris Bale, 10-Tom Biss, 12-Dylan Manickum, 15-Ed Sillars, 16-Tristan Prattley, 18-Derice Richards, 20-Damien Mosquera, 21-Andrew Boyens. Subs: 1-Danny Robinson, 9-Adam Dickinson, 13-Jake Porter, 14-Dean Lausev, 23-Santiago Falbo.

40 minutes until kick-off – We’ll have the teams for you in the next fifteen minutes.


3. Aaron Scott
4. Robbie Greenhalgh
5. Sam O’Regan Yellow Card
7. Mark Jones
8. Chad Coombes Yellow Card
10. Federico Marquez
14. Fergus Neil
18. Alexis Varela Goal
20. Danyon Drake
21. Jerahl Hughes
22. Craig Wylie


17. Reid Drake Sub7
24. Jarrod Young Sub4