WaiBOP United vs Wanderers SC – November 22, 2014 –


November 22, 2014Score: 0 – 3

Match Report

Full time: WaiBOP United 3-1 Wanderers SC.

Note: following the match, NZ Football ruled we played an ineligible player. The result was over-turned, with Wanderers SC awarded a 3-0 victory.

Official attendance: 518. Thank you Tauranga. See you in a fortnight.

93′ – There’s the final whistle.

91′ – Darkwa pressure forces a skied clearance. Corner. Near post…wide from Marquez’ head.

90′ – 3 minutes of added time to be played…as we clear some danger in the box.

87′ – Wanderers corner…what a shank…to Marquez in space who holds then sends it to a breaking Coombes, who is off-side.

85′ – SUB: Wylie on for Greenhalgh. WaiBOP debut for Wylie.

84′ – Marquez in the middle pushes it out to Darkwa on the left…his cross is teasing as Neil slides in…but it’s smothered and cleared.

80′ – SUB: Darkwa on for Young.

80′ – Scramble and Higgins clears for a corner…off the post. Scramble from the corner. Half shot goes wide.

77′ – End to end stuff now. Both defences stretched.

75′ – SUB: Jones on for Hughes.

74′ – GOAL: Wanderers break, we part like the Red Sea, Lewis drives it home. WaiBOP United 3-1 Wanderers SC.

72′ – Young to Hughes to Greenhalgh…drive from outside the area…well blocked. Corner.

70′ – Corner to Wanderers. Comfortably dealt with by Drake.

69′ – Marquez free in space down the left…but the shot becomes a cross that loops over and out.

66′ – Coombes on the top of the area with the shot. Smothered and cleared.

62′ – GOAL: Coombes to Marquez…cross cleared to Higgins…who drives it home from just inside the box. Emphatic finish. WaiBOP United 3-0 Wanderers SC.

59′ – We win another free kick mid-pitch. Varela drives it deep…and out.

56′ – Hughes crosses to Young who clips its just inside the far post. Top save by Hirst at full stretch.

55′ – Marquez scoots down the left. Cross/shot comes to nothing.

54′ – Mitchell through the back of Marquez. Ouch. Free Kick.

53′ – De Jong floats in a free kick. Cleared. Just.

49′ – Shot by Baker from distance. An O’Regan deflection slows it down. gathered by Drake.

48′ – Marquez down the right…cross just headed away by Messenger.

46′ – Wanderers get us underway for the second half. We have the breeze.

Half time: WaiBOP United 2-0 Wanderers SC

45′ – Two minutes of time to be added.

44′ – Marquez bursts forward. Trademark reverse to Hughes who gets to the touchline and forces the corner. Hirst clears the resulting danger. Just.

41′ – Coombes wins a corner…cleared to Neil…who pushes it through to Young who shoots just wide.

39′ – Stares wears one right wear it hurts. Puffs the cheeks. Welcome to the pitch. Small target maybe…

And yes, it did take me a bit to work all those out…

33′ – SUBS: Wanderers SC – Murati, Trbuhovich & Thomas off. Ilich, Baker & Stares on. Rolling the dice.

29′ – Messenger in a dangerous position on the right touchline. His cross is under hit and cleared by O’Regan.

27′ – O’Regan clears a long ball with the back of his head (don’t ask). Wanderers flood back but Lewis chips it over.

25′ – Dangerous cross by Neil cleared for a throw. We’re back in the box…Hirst gets down to gather.

22′ – YELLOW CARD: Wynne goes in the book. Bit late there lad.

21′ – Drake scores…in the home dugout with a clearance.

20′ – Hughes again down the right. Cross goes across the box…to Coombes…who bends it just wide.

15′ – Marquez reverse pass to Hughes… just cut out by Mitchell.

10′ – GOAL: Hughes breaks down the right, crosses behind Marquez… but Coombes is on the edge of the area to drive it home. WaiBOP United 2-0 Wanderers SC.

9′ – We break forward through Marquez. Touch, swerve, touch… out to Coombes… across to Neil… who fires over.

8′ – Hughes to the touch line. Whips it in…corner. Nothing comes from it.

6′ – Mitchell gives it away. Hughes picks up the scraps, drives forward, knocks it to Marquez who floats in a teaser. But it goes out for a goal kick.

3′ – GOAL: We win a corner… Coombes takes… O’Regan flicks it in. Top start lads. WaiBOP United 1-0 Wanderers SC.

1′ – Lewis shoots over for Wanderers. That would have been a sucky start.

0′ – We get the match underway.

4 minutes until kick-off – Here come the teams. We look great in red and blue.

9 minutes until kick-off – There’s ten to go. Yes ten minutes. It’ll be great to finally be typing game related stuff rather than my other nonsense.

16 minutes until kick-off – Zombie on the tannoy ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3PU4d5Iogd4 ) Hope that’s not us today…

32 minutes until kick-off – a bit longer than 5 (the wind’s affect my typing)… but here are the line-ups.

WaiBOP United: 20-Danyon Drake, 2-Liam Higgins, 3-Aaron Scott (c), 4-Robbie Greenhalgh, 5-Sam O’Regan, 8-Chad Coombes, 10-Federico Marquez, 14-Fergus Neil, 18-Alexis Varela, 21-Jerahl Hughes, 24-Jarrod Young. Subs: 1-James McPeake, 6-Godwin Darkwa, 7-Mark Jones, 9-Shaydon Young, 22-Craig Wylie.

Wanderers SC: 12-Damian Hirst, 2-Brock Messenger, 3-Deklan Wynne, 4-Te Atawhai Hudson-Wihongi, 5-Adam Mitchell (c), 6-Sam Brotherton, 7-Regont Murati, 10-Clayton Lewis, 14-Andre De Jong, 16-Tomislav Trbuhovich, 17-Benjamin Thomas. Subs: 1-Zac Speedy, 8-Mario Ilich, 15-Judd Baker, 19-Gowan Stares, 20-Vincent Wiktora.

45 minutes until kick-off – We’ll have the line-ups for you in 5.

56 minutes until kick-off – The wind’s kicking up. It’ll be a factor…for the match commentary.

75 minutes until kick-off – Air NZ flight just landed at nearby Tauranga airport. Visiting fans?

90 minutes until kick-off – Wanderers SC players and staff on the pitch. “A day at the beach. Not bad…”

110 minutes until kick-off – WaiBOP players inspecting the pitch. “A green tinge on this one, Richie…”


2. Liam Higgins
3. Aaron Scott
4. Robbie Greenhalgh
5. Sam O’Regan
8. Chad Coombes
10. Federico Marquez
14. Fergus Neil
18. Alexis Varela
20. Danyon Drake
21. Jerahl Hughes
24. Jarrod Young


6. Godwin Darkwa Sub24
7. Mark Jones Sub21
22. Craig Wylie Sub4